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The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine Ebook

Description: Introducing The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about using utensils, the art of fermentation, fermentation aides, the clearing process, natural enemies, sterilization, maturing, fresh fruit wines, Ribena wine tutorial, extract tutorial, t’noirot extracts, and what they are made of, wines from citrus fruits, flower wines and miscellaneous recipes, wines from dried herbs, wines from dried fruits and grain, wines from grapes, wines for the ladies and so much more!
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Winemaking: starting, utensils, fermentation Fresh fruit wine, methods, recipes. Ribena wine, stages.
Extracts, citrus fruits.

Flower wines, miscel. recipes. Dried herbs, recipes.

Dried fruits, grain, and recipes. Grapes, recipes.

Liqueurs, recipes. Party specials, recipes.

Wine for ladies. Wines from extracts, and recipes.

Appendix, sugars.


At one time or another, you must have been sent away for something. A “do it yourself kit,” of some sort. Something that gave
you instructions on how to make, build, or create something. Something that you have seen, was important to you, so, you sent away for it, and just had to do it for yourself. That’s what

this electronic book is about. “The Complete Guide To Making Your Own Wine” is a computer book, instructional on how to make wine. Made simple, with easy-to-understand instructions, on

how to get the job done.

It requires very little money and very little effort. It
does require a bit of time, but this is due to the fermenting

process. When you get right down to it, everything requires time. When was the last time you went to the bank to make a simple withdrawal? That’s the time! We all know that you can’t

rush aging, of any kind!

The supplies required for making wine will be the biggest obstacle. I have discovered that most kitchens have enough utensils to more than “get the job done. However, there are very few supplies that are specialized. I have uncovered several places that specialize in this field. They cater to

winemakers all over the United States and even ship supplies abroad. So you are covered, and very well I might ad! No winemaker has to scrounge, as in the past.

I should say that making wine is one of the most satisfying things that you will ever achieve. Simply because its really simple, and because time does all the grunt work for you!