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Description: Introducing Inner Strength Manifesto – The #1 Secret to Constantly Generate Positive Energy, Manifest Abundance, and Realize Your Inner Potential. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about what 95{1faaab341fd5ce2cff7ea74618be4a6484a91212d6d5f0edacb84cc8b58cf412} of people do not know about personal growth, “no matter what”, little known ways to self-assurance! how positivity enables you to achieve more in life, how to be a rockstar and attract people effortlessly, manifestation at its’ core, 2 simple ways to practice manifestation and so much more!
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Inner Strength Manifesto

What 95{1faaab341fd5ce2cff7ea74618be4a6484a91212d6d5f0edacb84cc8b58cf412} Of The People Do Not Know About Personal Growth

Any individuals who are in the business of leading, motivating, and inspiring others should give careful consideration to embarking on a self-development program of any kind first to have a critical look at them. This is important to know yourself well in order to determine what areas that need further improvement.

Once an area of improvement is identified, then fixing it would be much simpler. I like to call this process the “scientific way” because it is an empirical approach to diagnosing the issues and rectifying it.

There are 3 processes involved in this:

1) Identifying

2) Admitting

3) Addressing

We begin by first identifying our focus and gaps. If we intend to change for the better, it is important we be outright honest with ourselves by asking simple questions first. What are our strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations? Write it down on a piece of paper.


For example,






Ambitious, disciplined, Goal-oriented

Lack of gratitude, selfishness, overpromises, calculative

To be more kind, patient, and tolerant. To think ahead before committing


Meticulous, loving and caring, generous

Socially awkward, avoiding, stubbornness

To build more courage and confidence. To speak out, to be heard, and dare to confront the matter

From these two individuals’ examples, you can tell that they each have very distinct personalities. Since we are all brought up differently due to our teachings and environment, we are molded to who we are today.

Some might argue certain characteristics (strengths and weaknesses) are passed down from generation to generation, but these can be tweaked, granted if you have the intention to change in the first place.

Strength – is the fundamental aspect of yourself. It is what makes you who you are today! Certain people are attracted to you because you exhibit these types of traits that they want to emulate or know you better.

Weakness – is the other brother of strength and everyone has it whether they admit it or not. These are the traits you want to consider improving.

Aspirations – Usually associated with your hopes and ambitions in achieving something.

Back to the individuals’ examples, Individual A is someone who is driven and ambitious, and usually, they are the people who are involved in corporate and sales lines (I guess you can begin to picture some of your surrounding friends). They are dead right focused, goal-oriented, and most likely love challenges. On the flip side, they might turn out to be rather unkind and do not seem to appreciate the goodness in other people.


Now take a look at what you wrote in the paper, I want you to embrace your strengths and begin to genuinely accept and acknowledge your weaknesses. Because you see, if you can’t even accept that part of yours, it is very hard to move forward to the next stage.

The irony?

Most people write down their “weaknesses” and frown, either they think it is a small matter or they find it difficult to admit.

The truth is, this is what will actually happen:

  •   It is not difficult to admit your weaknesses
  •   By writing down your weaknesses, you not only learn to accept them but you havethe conscious effort to do something about it

    Before we delve into aspirations, I want you to begin by seeking honest opinions and feedback from the people whom you trust. This is an important exercise because earlier what you just did was “how you see yourself in the mirror”.

    The second exercise is about how other people look at you. Ask these questions to your close acquaintances, siblings or even your significant other!

    If the feedback you get correlates with what you wrote down, then great! This makes it easier for you to improve on your weaknesses.

    If it is different from what you have listed down, then you should compare the qualities that you have written down with that of the people around you. Go through them one by one and see which ones are relevant and which ones are not.

    Here comes the third step, addressing. Addressing is all about taking action. For example, take individual B, he listed avoidance as his weak trait and has acknowledged it. Therefore, he is addressing his weaknesses by taking the necessary steps to meet his aspirations.

    Most of us find this step as one of the toughest things to do. Why?