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Description: Introducing Profit Equalizer – A Guide to Equalize Your Profits. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about establishing your financial goal, the easiest income generator, checking the pulse of consumers, conducting proper research, acquiring information on products, getting the right vantage point, presenting the product, running a consumer test, repeat the process and expand the scope of your operation.
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Dear Friend,

We’ve all done it…

Gotten excited about some money-making program or system that came our way. After all, it’s hard not to when there are so many of them out there. No matter how reserved or hesitant you are – no matter how skeptical you might be – sooner or later something will strike a cord deep down in your soul.

Maybe it was pointed out to you by a friend or business associate you trusted. Or maybe it was recommended by some internet marketing expert or guru you greatly admired. Either way, the money-making strategy they’ve put you on to really does sound like the next best super-duper income-producing method… one you couldn’t possibly turn away from.

You try to ignore the hype, the sales pitch. But there’s something that catches your eye, something that makes you pause just long enough to think, is it really possible… Whatever it is, you decide to take a closer look.

So you click on the link, read the sales copy, get impressed by all the glowing testimonials that verify this is in fact a can’t-lose, make- money-while-you-sleep kind of deal, one that any intelligent individual would be insane NOT to take advantage of.

Do you remember how it felt? That rush, that high… that feeling that you were only a stone’s throw away from generating the kind of income you had only previously dreamed about? Yep… you could feel it in your bones. This was definitely IT. The opportunity you had been searching, hoping, waiting for.

You were pumped, you were psyched… you were literally chomping at the bit to run this particular race to the finish line!

And since you couldn’t wait to get started, you immediately hit the order button. Within minutes, you had the information in hand… the process that would finally – once and for all – lead you directly to your ultimate goal…


Now let’s fast forward to a few days (or maybe a few weeks) later.

You’ve finished absorbing all the instructions, all the advice, and all the steps that will place you in a position to earn unlimited income. You’ve even managed to implement some of the first stages of this money-making system. But in the process, some of the “shine” has begun to fade. Although you’re still optimistic, you’re not QUITE as psyched as you were in the very beginning, when the whole money-making scenario was merely a mental image.

You… lounging on the beach of a tropical island. You… sitting behind the wheel of a $200,000 sports car. You… dressed in designer clothes and attending posh exclusive parties of the rich and famous.

That’s the kind of pot-of-gold, end-of-the-rainbow lifestyle the guy who wrote the sales copy told you to imagine. And you did, right up until the time you actually started to invest real time and effort, started to “work” toward that vision.

Nonetheless, you still want desperately to see this through to the finish, to prove you’ve got the metal, the right stuff. After all, there’s that pot of gold waiting at the end of this rainbow. And that’s when it hits you. Pot of gold? Isn’t that where the devious (albeit imaginary) leprechaun hid his own fortune?

Whatever commitment you originally had is now replaced with stark reality. There is no pot of gold, no magical mystical means of getting rich. You either inherit a fortune, win the lottery or rob a bank. That’s it.

Oh sure. Some people strike it rich online (or, at the very least, become financially comfortable). But that’s just a fluke, something that only happens to a fraction of a percentage of all the people who pursue the dream of becoming financially independent via the internet. Right?

Well, yes and no.

While it’s true that only a small percentage of people succeed online, it’s also very true that the opportunity to succeed is available to EVERYONE who makes the attempt. Let me repeat that last statement…

The opportunity to succeed is available to EVERYONE who makes the attempt.

Of course, there’s a very important kicker attached to that statement. You have to know exactly what money-making systems will actually succeed. And yes, regardless of what some might have you believe, there ARE in fact several ways in which the average person can become financially successful online.

Are any of them attached to some sort of “free ride”? You know, where you put some genius system in place and money just automatically starts jamming your bank account?

Sorry to burst your bubble – to finally dispel what so many have promised you time and time again – but there is no method that even comes close. Instead, each and every solid money-making system requires that a certain degree of time and effort be invested. Some more than others, but required investment nevertheless.

Now, before you get all frustrated and disappointed, be assured that the method you’re about to learn is one that requires the least amount of time and effort. And, once the system is in place, it basically runs itself. Not entirely, of course. But enough that only a few hours (or less) will be required for weekly maintenance.

In other words, you do a small amount of work to get things set up, to get the system rolling, and then simply put in the minimal amount of time it takes to keep the whole operation running smoothly and productively.

Of course, once you experience that first burst of income, there’s no way you’ll want to simply “coast” along. Most likely, you’ll dig in your heels and keep duplicating that same system, over and over again, developing multiple streams of income.

And the good news is, once you become comfortable with the process, each new money-making system is a piece of cake. Merely a process of repeating what you’ve previously done. And naturally, the more times you repeat the process, the more money you’ll make.

So what exactly IS this solid money-making system?

You’re probably on the edge of your seat, expecting some sort of complicated, secretive James Bond answer that only a handful of savvy internet marketing experts know about. If that’s what you think, you’re half right.

The truth is, savvy (and wealthy) internet marketing experts not only know about this, but they’ve also been doing it for years. That’s right. While everyone else is out there chasing their own tail, jumping on each and every get-rich scheme that comes down the internet pike, a select group of marketers has been slowly – almost doggedly – developing one money-making system after the other.

Year after year, they continue to bring in substantial income. And unlike other methods, theirs will never fall apart or become obsolete or be replaced by some “better” system. Why? Because their method IS the better system. Always was, always will be.

Granted, there are new twists being added all the time – no different than keeping up with the latest trends, technology, and customer demands. But the system itself? That’s rock solid… regardless of what the search engines do or don’t do, regardless of how many new or “popular” money-making ideas come and go. This system has the ultimate staying power.

On top of that, the system you’re about to learn isn’t complicated. Nor is it secretive. At least, the overall concept isn’t some deep dark secret known only to a few chosen marketers. What IS important are the components that make up the system.

Do it right and you’ll be generating income for as long as you want. Get it wrong – take a few shortcuts or leave out key ingredients – and you can toss any chance of financial freedom right out the window.

But let’s not even consider any such negative concepts. You wouldn’t even be here if you weren’t serious. So let’s get serious, shall we? Let’s get right down to the nuts and bolts of the only money-making system you’ll ever need!