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How to Set and Achieve a Goal Ebook

Description: Introducing How to Set and Achieve a Goal. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about how to choose a goal, whether are you willing to pay the price, intensify desire, develop belief, define your objective, write it down, set a deadline, define your sub-goals, using success enhancements, visualization technique, and affirmation technique.
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In 1953, researchers surveyed Yale’s graduating seniors to determine how many of them had specific, written goals for their future. The answer: 3{1faaab341fd5ce2cff7ea74618be4a6484a91212d6d5f0edacb84cc8b58cf412}. Twenty years later, researchers polled the surviving members of the Class of 1953 — and found that the 3{1faaab341fd5ce2cff7ea74618be4a6484a91212d6d5f0edacb84cc8b58cf412} with goals had accumulated more personal financial wealth than the other 97{1faaab341fd5ce2cff7ea74618be4a6484a91212d6d5f0edacb84cc8b58cf412} of the class combined!

The moral of this story is:
1. Goals work.
2. Almost nobody uses them.

I assume that you already want more from life than what you have and you’re searching for a way to get it. That’s exactly what you’ll find here: a way to get it, whatever your background, whatever your age, whatever your circumstances.

In the “How to set and achieve a goal – free trial” you’ll find three parts:

I. How to set a goal
II. How to achieve a goal III. Motivation techniques

“Will the “How to set and achieve a goal” help me get what I want from life?” Yes!

“How to set and achieve a goal” really works – if you do. It really does show you how to make your wishes come true, but only those wishes you’re willing to make come true.

This book shows you step-by-step how to invest the time and effort necessary to get whatever you want from life. But you have to make that effort and invest that time.

So don’t just read this book! Simply reading this book won’t help you.

Follow a simple step-by-step plan! Take action! Apply powerful techniques!

And I promise that all your wishes will come true.