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8 Key Secrets to Consistently Getting Tons of Free Publicity

Description: Introducing 8 Key Secrets to Consistently Getting Tons of Free Publicity – And How to Use It to Send Your Sales Through the Roof. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about you must generate honest-to-goodness news about your product or service, you must create and carry out a solid publicity plan, and how to get the best results from your media sources, here are the main reason companies fail to get all of the free publicity they need, the difference between mediocre results and winning results is often ingenuity, piggybacking: how to pyramid the publicity you get into immense sales success, tapping into the immense power of community services and become a numbers addict.
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Let’s start by clearing up a prominent misconception about publicity. Most people believe that publicity is so valuable because it’s free. Sorry, but that just isn’t so. Now, it’s certainly a valuable bonus – but it isn’t the major factor that makes publicity so desirable.

CREDIBILITY is what makes publicity such a valuable tool. You see, people today are far more sophisticated than they’ve ever been when it comes to advertising. They realize that advertising is paid for. And that companies can buy space to say whatever they wish about their products and services. Because of this, your potential customers are far more skeptical than they’ve ever been.